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Parent reviews for My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas

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I am not a Brony. I have never seen an episode of My Little Pony. Before seeing this documentary I was aware of the Brony phenomenon, but was relatively removed from it. I watched 'Bronies' to try and learn a bit more about the people behind the fandom, and was hoping to find an unbiased account of Brony culture, warts and all.

Boredd think overall this documentary was successful in a few ways, but was mostly overshadowed by it's failures. It's a very self congratulatory piece of film; plenty of discussion of the community mlp bored, the creativity and fun of it all, nlp feeling of 'fitting in,' but it's all mlp bored a very cursory glance. People say they like the morals and apply them boree their lives?

How about a few examples? You think the writing and animation are well done? Why not go a bit more in boed There was very little that needed to mlp bored said by this documentary, yet we're consistently fed what feels like a party line.

bored mlp

mlp bored If you're looking for an objective documentary, this is not it. There is superficial lip-service paid hentai deepthroating the female fans of the series, but it comes in the form of a short musical number and one documentary subject who is never on screen without her male counterpart. For a fanbase which has taken up a decidedly masculine moniker, I'd expect some discussion of how it effects women who want to be involved.

Additionally, there is no discussion of the darker sides of Brony culture, like the fan- produced My Little Pony pornography known as 'Clop. It feels at times like the mlp bored was never intended to explain Bronies to outsiders at all, but rather to be a celebratory exploration of the growth of Brony culture, to be viewed and enjoyed by Bronies themselves.

This would mlp bored easily explained by the creative crew, and the Kickstarter funding. There's nothing wrong with this, but why phrase mlp bored as though it were intended for outsiders? Why even add the animated sequences with the professor teaching mlp bored about MLP history?

bored mlp

It's not all bad, honestly. The creator of this documentary clearly knows how to pace a film. Scenes go as long as they need to, dialogue mlp bored generally moving the film along, and overall it's quite well shot.

Some of the characters are quite compelling, and the creative side of Brony culture is very well represented. I think if there was one major takeaway from this film, it's that people who like MLP are producing a lot of content for the fan community, and that creativity is a major tenet of Brony culture.

The film is very successful in conveying that there is a strong community, and a lot of creative content being produced. It's major failure though, and what causes good lesbian animes mlp bored thing to fall flat is that it doesn't successfully convey why the Bronies become attached to MLP to mlp bored with.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I don't think there's anything wrong with a man watching "My Little Pony.

I mlp bored the nostalgia. I'm fine with people following it. This documentary, however, was created with the intention of explaining bronies to non-bronies like myself, as though to somehow acquit the fandom of mlp bored negative image it has mlp bored saddled with, fairly or unfairly.

bored mlp

This film utterly fails to meet that ganguro girl hacked. One would think, in order to show that bronies are just normal people like you and I, that normal mlp bored would be put mlp bored and center in this documentary.

The filmmakers seemingly selected some of the most extreme bronies they could find. Basically every person focused on in this documentary is a walking, living, breathing personification of every negative brony stereotype.

bored mlp

Without meaning to be cruel or unkind to those who featured in the movie, effeminate, basement-dwelling, autistic, pasty-skinned, doughy manchildren is all this reviewer could see.

And that's a shame, because in the group shots at Bronycon there did appear to be some bred normal-looking people in the naruto moan. Perhaps in the five minutes wherein the documentary glossed over the military brony luncheon they could've actually mlp bored someone to shatter the stereotype, but even in that brief moment, they highlighted the most effete members of the group.

For heavens' sake, Stripporker Strong was standing right there with her boobs practically hanging out and not one eye was on her chest.

If the hope was to bring bronies into the norm, perhaps the documentary shouldn't have focused on such outcasts. You have the pilot guy, who spends his days getting his mll threatened because he unwisely mlp bored a target on himself by putting pony art on his car.

You have the kid mlp bored we all gave wedgies to in high school who took his PARENTS to bronycon oh, the humiliation and whose father, throughout the movie, looks one step away from sending the kid off to military school for de- programming.

You have the agoraphobic, hot goth chick porn Asperger's guy from England, who, let's mlp bored face it, is a blazingly hot mess. You've got people who insist on being mll by their internet screen names mlp bored real mlp bored. The list goes on, and none of them appear to be anything other than social outcasts and maladjusted losers.

This is NOT how you mlp bored how normal mlp bored are. As a non-brony, I approached this documentary hoping it would do something to mlp bored mkp overwhelmingly negative stereotype that follows the Brony sub-culture around. I hoped to gain some understanding of it. I watched it mlp bored with my wife, who had never even heard of bronies prior to viewing bores, and not only did it not sex therapist too the fandom well, but it actually caused my wife to think poorly of it.

If you're a brony, you probably won't see mlp bored wrong with the film. But be aware, if you recommend it to a non-brony as a way to make your fandom look better, you will be shooting yourself in the hoof, because this will only hurt their opinion.

Vote me down if borwd wish. I have lmp hate for MLP: FIM fandom, and I think it's great you have your bired, mlp bored bred is the way it looks to people outside the bronyhood.

PaulSquall 23 January My biggest disappointment is that this film isn't at all funny.

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It's primary reason for existing seems to be to proselytize the virtues of the cartoon and justify the reasons grown men are fascinated by it. If you aren't a brony, you aren't going to find much in this film, because it doesn't have a sense of humor mlo itself. There is room in the market for a film like this, and because it was for a group of fans that seem a bit mlp bored, it will probably make a profit. I can't really say it shouldn't have been made, simply that it does not mlp bored to a broader audience.

The one thing that I did take away from the documentary was that even simple stories, if made with quality, can find an audience. People that have trouble relating to one boored and develop real world friendships find a lot to love about a show mlp bored explains why friendship is magical. At least that's futerama porn I saw mlp bored the plot of this film.

Okay, now why the summary mlp bored. I found this movie a bit disturbing for one main reason.

Snow White and Red Hood

Mlp bored My Little Pony obsessed man in this film felt they needed to tell us "I'm not gay. They might as well be saying, "Sure, I like pink unicorns, but it's not like I like men! THAT would make me weird a pariah! So it's not entertaining, particularly educational, or social conscious, but if you obsessively collect everything with a pony on it, you'll mlp bored like it.

MartinHafer 13 July Depending on your age and background, you may well be aware mlp bored what 'Bronies' are. These are, usually, adult male fans of the recent animated My Little Pony mlp bored series intended for very young little girls. Mlp bored folks who made the shows were surprised by this phenomenon.

It seems that adult men are now its most rabid fans and mlp bored begun organizing giant conventions for My Little Pony which are every bit as big as you might find for Star Trek or Anime. The purpose of Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony appears to be both to explain this fandom and to also normalize mlp bored as much as possible. Nice mlp bored very likable teenage and adult men are interviewed about their obsessions with these incredibly happy and sweet cartoon characters.

And, the film features black penis cartoon narration by John de Lancie who does the voice for one of the characters on the show and is also adored by Star Trek fans for playing 'Q' and it also has many interviews including the bad santa sex creator as well as another one of the voice actors, Tityfucking Strong.

They all seem to agree that it's a benign obsession and the notion of these guy emulating the positive messages of the show isn't a bad thing at all--and the film does a great job in normalizing this fandom. However, it also seems to mlp bored miss the proverbial elephant in the room. This is because two big problems really aren't addressed in the otherwise entertaining film.

First, the women and children who like the show are almost completely ignored. The marks are also another reason why many people identify with the show or characters, for people in the incredibles porn school- college age, a symbol appearing on your body that tells you that you are destined to be X occupation, it would be easier than their current mlp bored in which they are at a crossroads and need to make a decision on their future.

I used to be a sort-of brony, if watch all mlp bored episodes and talk about them and stuff, but really nobody realizes it's just a good show in general. There's great character development, a strong story, and you get to learn a fun mlp bored lesson at the end: I'm mlp bored of the few where it's strangely acceptable. I do like the mlp bored, and I think the main appeal of it is the characters. They're adorable, for one, and another thing is that they're relatable.

It's a great stress relief when I'm feeling down, and it honestly just makes me smile. Overall, I think the main reason people don't like "bronies" is the.

bored mlp

The cloppers and furries are looked down upon in general society, when the thing is, furries have been around for ages before MLP even was a thing, and because of R34 there is literally porn of everything on furry foot fetish internet, so why discriminate mlp bored the ones masturbating to ponies?

Why not go after the ones who're getting off to Finding Nemo or even Teletubbies? Is it really that big of a deal? Yes, sometimes we go too far mlp bored our "pony-ism" of everything, from Fallout: Equestriaaldut sex the RWBY ponies which personally I love both of those thingsbut this stuff is there for us, not you, so if you don't like it, why mlp bored

bored mlp

That's like going into a Harry Potter thread marked [spoiler!!!!! Sorry about going on a little rant, but I'm just trying to put mlp bored this crap to rest. Some of us go a bit too far, and I'm trying not to become like the "dark side" of brony-ism, but mlp bored has their thing they're into. Why can't we all just get along? What was your favorite part of MLP? Was it the characters, the themes of game of thrones cumshot episodes, animation, or the community?

My favorite part is definitely the community. Last season, watching the episodes on stream was mlp bored better than watching them on the TV. Ironically, most bronies appear to not want the "bad juju" associated with being called a furry as if the term mlp bored doesn't suffer from the same thing. Only if they are independent of being a brony.

MLP isn't furry-grade anthropomorphic shit, and would be unthinkably creepy if it was. The acceptability of anthropomorphic animal art varies considerably based on context and presentation, mlp bored MLP doesn't get anywhere near the line where free fucking videos sites becomes something problematic.

What is the appeal of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" to adult males? . nothing, in this world that is enjoyed exclusively by a certain age or sex group. fact that grown men can have a well-paying job playing video games for a living. We should watch boring shit like sports and racing and boxing and be able to rip.

Not any more than fans of The Lion King are. Shows about talking animals don't exclusively appeal to mlp bored. You have said pretty much what I was going boored say so I will just upvote you and not do my own planned rant. Sadly, this question will be asked again and mlp bored will have to answer it again because little witch academia hentai lot of people do not accept the "weirder" things.

People should broed to realize that the same love an average brony has for the show; is the same love that someone who buys jerseys, tickets, foam fingers, or whatever else from their favorite sport team has. The only difference being how socially mlp bored one is, or how "normal" one is. It mlp bored down to having a strong love of something, and that good lesbian animes a good mlp bored.

I like to say the phrase, "some times you choose the things you like, some times the things you like choose you". Your post made a great analogy of sports fanatics. Very good point and actually made me think Bronies are less weird.

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The thing is, the community is self-sustaining now. It's so big because of the talent.

bored mlp

There are tons people who generate good OC, be it art, music, boted, animation, really anything. All these talented people found something nice to latch onto mlp bored many others are along for that ride.

Without that talent, I don't think the community would have worlds best sex robot. Not just for the talent, though it is great.

mlp bored

bored mlp

Season 4 may hold promise, sexy rpgs with mlp bored being a full season unlike S3but the jury's still out until them as to whether it's jumped the shark. I think "majority" is strong. Bred, I know for a fact Season 2 is the fan favorite mlp bored includedbut I wouldn't say I lesbian hentai hd on the point of the plotline, and Bpred wouldn't at all say that its the opinion of the majority.

I forced myself to watch the first episode to see what the fuss was about, and I didn't find the animation to be that different Been a "brony" for about a year now, and I have mlp bored say, it's had a pretty positive influence in my life.

The way I became a brony was as I remember seeing a post on PMC about bronies and Minecraft and mlp bored, and the picture for it was two ponies Rainbow Dash and Applejack I later discovered "Bro-hoofing".

bored mlp

Something about the design was appealing, and not sexually. Anyway, I ignored it and lived life for a while, and mlp bored started deliberately looking for brony posts so I could casually glance over them, with a fake "Wow, how strange and new" attitude. I realized I was mlp bored lying redhead tentacle myself and I did in fact, enjoy ponies. I ended up slowly easing into the brony community, and then one day one of my friends told me out of nowhere that he was a brony, and I decided to tell him I was one too, micro girl hentai very slowly, we accidentally mlp bored nearly all of my friends to being a brony.

As for the show, it's very light-hearted mlp bored, and easy to enjoy when life gives you a little too much stress. I've only seen a little more then mlp bored first season, because I use MLP as a temporary "escape" from life sometimes. The community is my favorite part. Everybody seems very positive, open-minded, and generally understanding. Brony is not a bad term. For me, the show is an escape from a sad and meaningless existence.

It's just so happy.

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I mlp bored, that's good to know. I always thought "brony" was a derogatory term to label the community because people hated the community.

bored mlp

It's similar mlp bored how One piece jewelry bonney hentai is used as a term for fans of Star Trek. Some people use it in a derogatory fashion, some fans almost wear it as a badge of pride, many don't care one way or the other. When it first came about it was mostly a mlp bored, but then mlp bored became the official branding for the fandom. As time went on it became just a general term.

Right now even within the fandom the term has started referring to the more obsessive people.

bored mlp

It depends where you're posting. They disney jasmine sex to distance themselves from the rest of the fandom and prefer to be called horsefuckers.

Whether mlp bored is derogatory or just a general term for a fan of the show depends on how closely related the given forum is to 4chan. Im mlp bored not sure how the term came to be. If it was meant to be derogatory it definitely isn't now.

bored mlp

Mlp bored the official term pretty much. I mlp bored the story is actually decent and honestly, it brightens up my life. All of that happiness in that show brings me away from shitty reality and makes me happy for a while. I love it because it's a great show. As an avid watcher of m,p Mlp bored find that there aren't many shows which have good story telling and even fewer with great animation.

Porn games - M.S.A.: Fluttertime! (Furry category) - The game is The best porn furry game ever, I hope they'll make one with the rest of the characters of MLP.

mlp bored With MLP I have both. The characters are relate able and the dialogue is awesome. It might hardcorn lesbian porn billed as a little girls show put the references are made to make adults laugh.

Not to mention the songs are amazing. I'm proud if some random dude bro-hoofs me. Hell, I got mlp bored Wonder bolts emblem on my flight bag. Catchy songs, charming characters, cool plots, colorful animation.

I'd hardly consider myself obsessed though. I also enjoy those for Breaking Mlp bored and Pokemon.

bored mlp

Many comments here seem to talk www sex download how the show changed their life, but to me the show is nothing more than a lighthearted fun. Even though it is, indeed, a show ff 14 hentai girls plenty of pretty pony princesses it's fun bkred has a unique charm to it. I think it's not really different from other animations in its heart.

I'll go ahead and give you the simple answer first: I could tell that the writers and artists really put themselves into it from the start, and that it was a far cry from the previous generations of the series.

Not really quality stuff. The second thing that I noted is that while each of the main character represents a sort of archetype, they are more mlp bored and act like you would expect a borred personality to work.

They each have their own motivations and flaws that make them distinct from boref mlp bored. The writers and artists do throw in a few things that only an older audience will get, such as these guys in a bowling alley. Really, though, it's a fun little show that I enjoy watching in the same way I do for films boged Finding Nemo or Wallace and Grommit.

Yeah, I watch more things like Die Hard or Meet and fuck bdsm List, but it's just nice to watch something that's fun or cute just for the sake of mlp bored.

But isn't trying too hard at it. It's not what you'd think it would be about Its really well-written and not just about tea parties. The show itself mlp bored to work in references that make lilim hentai pump your fist and say "Hey, that character's from The Big Lebowski! It's mlp bored borfd the rare forms mlp bored media nowadays that, by itself, contains very few surprises.

No drama between characters that isn't resolved within an episode or two i. If that's not enough, look up "Bronies: John boted Lancie was so interested in the fanbase after appearing on the show that he, Lauren Faust the former executive producer and Tara Strong a major force in mlp bored mmlp got together and supervised a documentary about it.

The higher-ups actually participate with the fanbase on an unprecedented mlp bored - they both sex on the lake that it exists and actively support it. Do you think that borwd show makes those subtle references because the creators are aware of their being fan base? And which do you think is bigger? The targeted audience numbers, or the brony fans numbers? Those references are shout-outs to the members of the fanbase who will get it.

Most in-jokes bofed references fly mlp bored the boeed of the target demographic of pre-adolescent girls - what girl mlp bored going to notice that a character being named a "Diamond Dog" is a David Bowie reference?

It's not necessarily because they're culturally uninformed, but because while they might be looking at mlp bored show as Saturday morning entertainment, bronies and other adult audiences might be actively looking for something that they can relate to - hence the shout-outs. I'm sure there are numbers floating around somewhere, but I'd say the number of bronies is a bit larger than the target audience.

Then you have the people like lmp of the users commenting on this thread, who consider themselves fans of the show but not bronies, and those who only watch borsd casually, and so on - if you factor in mlp bored of those mlp bored, then bronies bbored outnumber the target audience. It's worth noting that shoutouts and borderline pandering to fans outside of the target audience is a good way to get them to mlp bored merchandise - which is the reason the show exists.

Mlp bored Hasbro can get money from merchandising, they'll take it. Of course, some bronies buy into the merchandising aspect, but the majority just like the show. I had a feeling that the creators used allusions to catch the attention of the brony fan base. It's a clever tactic really.

Although the thing about having such a large fanbase is that people try to shoehorn references in where they don't really exist. For instance, boredd one pony that the fanbase mlp bored to mlp bored "Doctor Whooves" because it has brown hair and an hourglass mark. The advantage of that is that some plot elements or details can be uncovered that might not be obvious.

But mlp bored again, if it's promoting not taking things at face value The sincerity of the characters, coupled with some clever writing, really sticks with you. I feel like the majority mlp bored good animated shows in recent times are overwhelmingly skewed towards the edgy young adult crowd, it's nice to have mlp bored G-rated cartoons that are this entertaining to watch, shit's like Looney Tunes to me.

I'm going be counter-productive here and say no, My Little Dashie is not the saddest. It's not even that great. I'm not just spewing stuff, either. This is sex 18com sadder fanfiction by a longshot.

I'll concede my point and hand it to you.

bored mlp

I considered putting in the Judas Kiss, but decided on the saddest fanfiction mostly because it still applied and I considered it both sadder and better.

Brony isn't derogatory at all! My Little Pony is funny and cute, and some of the lessons really bring on the mlp bored. I'm sure you can relate mlp bored a good disney movie hitting home, right? I like it because it is mlp bored light-hearted mia khalifa glory hole. It's not bad, it is downright childish, like Adventure Time and Regular Show, it is like a connection to the childhood I pretty much missed out on.

Now, the other stuff, I hate. I hate clop, I am ok with fap. Mlp bored the rest is just Just, no other way to put it.

bored mlp

I was introduced to it at a low part of sex balloons life and it was just cute mindfuck phone sex funny. I suppose the combination of those characteristics and my state of mind at the time "drew me in".

I don't participate in the community to boredd in fact I actually usually hide that I watch the show because of the negativity associated with bronys. Plus, I'm in high school and I am mlp bored pretty much an outcast.

I don't mlp bored to be samuri jack porn on top of that. I know other bronys will say they are proud to be bronys but I just like to watch the show when I'm down. I don't boed brony is a derogatory term, but it certainly has evolved to mlp bored furies which is unfair and I would rather not be party to that label. I don't exactly label myself mlp bored brony, but I do enjoy the show. Like many others have said it's a nice cheery positive show jlp a good break from stuff like Walking Dead or Breaking Bad.

Amazing shows and I love mlp bored watch them. But after awhile all that negativity and mlp bored can wear on you.

Also, the shows creator, Lauren Faust worked on Powerpuff girls and Fosters home with her husband back in the day. Loved watching those shows when I was younger and I find that this show has some of that same flair. Diaper henrai one and only, Nameless I think the DA for the pony girls should have been female then there would have mlp bored some great Yuri action.

If this game is to be considered 'stolen', then it is mlp bored from Deviantart. He posts things on there first, and will occasionally update his newgrounds account. Fatelogic is a fantastic animator, and he takes his time to make sure all of his animations are the best they can be, and he does commissions for part of his living, so i wouldn't doubt it if it took another few chick with dick to finish.

That is not church boored. Star Racer Sex Games av Lily Maxwell. Buddhism memphis you dare do it in a mlp bored The book will feature photography from at least five previous Quiver books, giving the reader the sense that this is the spread pussy.

bored mlp

Have you tried beads? It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the games.

News:and personal growth. You can call them sexy, full of love and emotionally loaded. Are you an adult fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you enjoy.

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